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Make GraduationDiploma Covers Diploma Covers as Keepsakes

Fresh graduates get themselves diploma covers for their graduation certificates. Even family members and friends get them as Diploma Covers presents because everybody knows the importance of this item. Diploma covers are primarily made to cover and protect a graduate’s diploma, and what people mostly think is that when something is made for a certain purpose, it will only hold that one use – which is often times not the case. Diploma covers actually have other uses aside from encasing a diploma.

Yes! Aside from the fact that graduation diploma covers are purchased or are given to secure important papers, the cover itself is now a very important item for the owner because it preserves a very valuable document. Using the frame to display one’s diploma is a part of every student’s pride and joy.

Usually, you’d think of putting graduation pictures and other related snapshots in an album. Here’s an out-of-the-box idea for you, why not use graduation diploma covers as your photo album or scrapbook instead. This lets you highlight the most memorable and the most precious moments because diploma covers can be displayed like normal frames, unlike book albums that are kept in a shelf – hidden away from the light of day and is later forgotten.

Moreover, it’s better than picture frames because technically speaking, its waterproof hard exterior and wide dimension makes the diploma cover both durable and spacious.

Diploma cover scrapbooks are great do-it-yourself arts and crafts, it can be greatly customized to suit personal preferences thus adding more sentimental value to it. In addition to that, you can also do it with somebody special like a friend or the person you’ll be giving it to, to make it more fun and meaningful. Now doesn’t that make it better and much more interesting than the original purpose of a diploma cover? You can also put pictures, letters, and trinkets on your diploma cover scrapbook. The possibilities are limitless with this graduation DIY project.

To give you an idea, below are sample graduation diploma cover scrapbook ideas that you can look at for some inspiration.

This is great for everyone because the process of making it and the aftermath of the product makes the whole activity special and worthwhile. In addition to that, it is one of those unusual but memorable graduation gifts you hand out to somebody.

Let’s not also forget about the diploma since we definitely don’t want to overshadow that, you can always frame that piece of paper and hang it for everyone to see. You may have already seen a lot of families doing that practice of hanging diplomas and certificates of family members on the wall. You see, one achievement from a family member is the pride and joy of everyone!

Picking out Certificate Holders

certificateWhether getting certificate holders for personal use or as a gift for the graduate, it is best to know certain things and regard various considerations to ensure that you come up with a worthy investment. After all, these items are accessories meant to shelter a very important document that may also be one of the owner’s prized possessions.

Like the actual certificate or diploma, its holder should represent the same prestige as the special paper it protects. There are a lot of different materials used to create a certificate holder and these elements may have its pros and cons, but all these are actually suitable for the accessory and are considered quality materials for it.

To decide on what kind of holder to get, it is a mixture of both your personal preference and looking into technical aspects of the product – and honestly, most of the times it doesn’t even matter where you get it which means the only thing that matters choosing the best one for you. It is because when you feel satisfied with your choice, you know you haven’t wasted your money.

So first things first, when picking a certificate or diploma holder, you should have an idea already what you want to get. This is how you can set a standard of what you are looking for. Even a simple but clear thought of common specifications you can think of is a good start, like maybe the kind of color you would want for the certificate holder.

Next, you have to make sure the certificate will fit inside the holder so make sure to know the exact size of the paper, or less all your efforts plus the money of buying the holder will just go to waste and you wouldn’t want that. From there, you can start searching for the kinds of materials and finishes that are used to construct the product. Usually, there’s a smooth, textured and padded kind of certificate and diploma holders.

Picking from these choices is really up to you because the style of the material does not really affect the utility of the item. As for the life span of the material, that’s another story since it all depends on how you store and care for the product.

Finally, the last thing you should consider is the fact that certificate holders can be customized – not entirely but at least you have the chance to personalize them before buying. The kind of customizing that can be done for this product is the engraving of text on the cover of the holder. Think of what the most appropriate statements should be placed on the cover.

Certificate holders can hold great sentiments, which mean that along with the other graduation memorabilia, these items should be special and have something worth remembering.

Now, if this is a gift then you should make sure to keep in mind the preference of the receiver of the gift and not yours because, technically, the certificate holder is really not for you. All in all, picking the right one will not be much of a hassle as, in the end; it will all be up to you.





Finding Diploma Cover Manufacturers

gradShop_contentImageV2Items sold in stores are usually pricey when purchased in retail. Ordering them in wholesale is better, but getting them straight from manufacturers or having them made is even better. This may be a bit of a difficult task as there are so many places to look and so many choices to pick from, plus the fact that there are existing bogus companies that you should be aware of, finding the right one may be a long process.

So how do you find legitimate diploma cover manufacturers?

Don’t stop looking. This may seem like the vaguest advice you can get, but it works. You have to start somewhere, but that doesn’t mean once you get to the first ones, you stop. Take efforts in finding company names, products rates, and products qualities. From there, you can compare.

You can start off by browsing through classified ads, trade magazines and probably searching from the easiest and most accessible channel you can resort to – the internet. There are a lot of things you can find on the internet, and most of the times, you can come across unique finds that you can’t find elsewhere.

Don’t be cheap. Often times, we forget about the products or even the integrity of the manufacturers because we are so caught up with the issue of price. Don’t let low rates get the best of you and haze up your decision making. That’s not the only thing involved in this matter.

Sometimes, you may end up finding the right manufacturer, but you trade them for dwindling bargains, and if that’s the case, just make sure that what you got is of high quality.

Keep on researching. After picking out potential business candidates, making sure that the company is legitimate is now your concern. Since you’re already on the internet, skim and scan over testimonials and forums that state facts about the company. View existing ratings about them. Simple inquiries may not be enough, so ask about the producers from people who are associated with or have had previous relations with the company.

More often than not, professionals that have dealt with a company will share honest opinions about their corporate time together because what these professionals tell you will affect their credibility too. Gaining more input on the company gives you more aspects to assess their legitimacy.

Hit the call button. Browse directories and contact these manufacturers. What better way to get to know your future business companion than personally getting in touch with them, right? Do some interrogation but be gentle. This is more like a continued inquiry of the company and a deeper investigation of their legitimacy. Talking to them will allow you to be educated of the nature of their business and weigh in their system of dealing. Also, even for just an initial step, this is the beginning of the creation of your ties with them. From here, you will know where the affiliation is headed.

There really is no direct example or concrete way to tell whether you’ve caught the big fish, but take note of these tips and don’t forget to follow your guts, and you’ll be fine.

How to Choose the Best Graduation Diploma Cover Wholesaler

The highlight of every graduation ceremony is the distribution of diplomas; and that’s what every parent and student is looking forward to ever since the first day of school. A diploma is just a special piece of paper, but like other documents, it is very important and prestigious because it signifies an achievement. For many people, a diploma is the key to better opportunities and a better and more comfortable life that’s why upon presentation and distribution, they should be sent off with covers and holders that are worthy of such prestige and honor.

Schools and Universities need diploma covers in every graduation ceremony to achieve that proper send-off for their dear students who deserve to be rewarded for their hard work. For that purpose, a Graduation diploma cover wholesaler is needed because for one, they need to buy the covers in bulk to accommodate each graduate and second, they have to purchase it at a cheaper price too to save on costs.

So how should one choose the best graduation diploma cover wholesaler? A lot of them are reachable through the Internet which is indeed very convenient but to choose the best one, take note of the following tips:

  1. Expertise.
    Of course, no one would like to go aboard a plane and bet their own lives if the people in the cockpit are not accredited pilots. Same with doing business, no one would like to trust someone who does not have any idea about their own product! So choose a graduation diploma cover wholesaler who is really an expert about diploma covers, if possible, make sure they are already doing it for years! If you have chosen well, then you won’t have a hard time on choosing which covers are best for you since they can help you out with it.
  2. Product variations.
    Yes, diploma covers can come in standard forms but many schools have different needs and they need special diploma covers that have customized features and if your school is one of them, then you need a graduation diploma cover wholesaler who can provide you with a range of customization options (e.g. different textures, sizes, colors, imprinting choices and others).
  3. Customer assistance.
    A wholesale order is no joke; you need to have the exact number of products, the exact product specifications and the correct items. If anything goes wrong especially during shipping (items got damaged or were lost), or if the manufacturer themselves did not follow the order well, you need to contact someone for assistance. Any company who has excellent customer assistance is always trusted by their buyers. Not because they have a sort of assurance if ever something is wrong with the transaction process, but because they know their money is also safe with them. So make sure to go with a graduation diploma cover wholesaler who can provide you with friendly and accessible customer service representatives.
  4. Legit services.
    A lot of scammers are present in the Internet, if you are not careful then you will easily fall victims to these people. The sad part is, online crooks are very hard to catch because some are very good in covering their traces. So be vigilant and wise. Before trusting an online company, look for customer reviews- they will be very helpful!

Graduation ceremonies still need a lot of preparations, getting diploma covers is just one of them. So, good luck with the overall preparation!

5 Reasons Why You Should Go for Customized Diploma Covers

Diploma covers are graduation accessories that are beyond overrated – not that there’s something wrong with that. Graduates or people who know someone that recently graduated, especially parents, purchase diploma covers because this item will always go hand in hand with diplomas and other certificates it can protect. Often times, the educational institutions themselves provide the graduate’s diploma already incased in the diploma cover.

For those who have the chance to get one from another supplier, besides their schools, remember that you have an upper hand on 5 Reasons Why You Should Go for Customized Diploma Coversother graduates. Sometimes people think that it’s a hassle having to get one of their own. That’s where they’re wrong. What most people hardly ever consider is the fact that they can get

So why should you get one? Here are 5 reasons to sway you into having the customized item.customized diploma covers – something unavailable to those graduates who had their diploma covers handed to them by their alma maters.

  • Diploma covers are not your “everyday” items. These diploma covers aren’t bought a lot. You most probably have 3 or 4 of them at most, and having something rare as your possession should mean that it’s either useless or very important. In this case, it’s the latter. Knowing that, shouldn’t you want something unique for a keeper?
  •  Diploma covers are perennial items. It is not often that diploma covers are replaced. Maybe because it is designed to have a long shelf life or maybe because of the sentimental value. For whatever reason it is, diploma covers are kept which means you, your family, and guests will see it constantly. In the years to come, certainly you’d want to look at something memorable and go “No one else has something like this.”
  •  Personalization of the diploma cover adds to the significance of the item. Diploma covers, by default, is important to the owner because of the fact that it encases the piece of paper that signifies their success and years of struggle and endurance. Customizing it to suit your preference or the preference of the person you’ll be giving it to puts an extra meaning to the item, thus making it more sentimental as compared to other diploma covers.
  •  Regular diploma covers and customized diploma covers do not have much price difference. One of the considerations people take into account is budget, but knowing now that the better alternative is not that much priced than the initial option, why settle for something less? Spicing up your graduation diploma with some pizzazz is worth every penny it will cost.
  •  Customized diploma covers give you greater bragging rights. Given that what you own will be one of a kind, other diploma holders cannot top off that possession. You not only take pride in the graduation certificate the diploma cover holds but you can also take pride in the diploma cover itself. That’s 2 times the bragging rights you are entitled to.

There are just cases when you need to take things for more than what they are because you’ll know you’ll get more than what you ask for. As simple an act of customizing graduation diploma covers, it would turn that item to mean more than just a material possession.