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Parts of Custom Diploma Covers

A graduation ceremony is momentous for both students and their parents. It is the most awaited event ever since the child’s first day of school. Whether one should graduate with flying colors or not, the most important thing however is you made it and you are going up that stage to receive your well-earned diploma.

A diploma may just be some kind of paper or document, but like a land title or birth certificate, its importance is very much needed for the rest of your life. Being a special achievement, it should also be presented rightfully.

Diploma covers are essential when it comes to a Graduation ceremony. It is a way of presenting the diploma in a most elegant and prestigious manner which is expected for such a great milestone. Schools and Universities always try their best to make each Graduation ceremony special that’s why diplomas should always be given out with custom diploma covers to complete the special event.

How does one customize a diploma cover? There are several aspects of custom diploma covers that make them unique, they are:

  1. Size.
    Custom diploma covers come in different sizes. It can be as small as 4.25 x 6.5 or as large as 11 x 17. Getting the right measurements is important because the diploma would look sloppy when the paper is too large or too short for the cover.
  2. Texture.
    Diploma covers can come in leather or vinyl material. It can either be smooth or textured just like leather bags. Textures can add to the elegance of the cover and will give it an extra special feel upon receiving it.
  3. Colors.
    Of course, custom diploma covers can’t be called “fully customized” if you can’t choose the colors for it. The color of the diploma cover usually represents the official color of the university too. Most commonly, schools prefer it to be black or maroon but some choose dark blue, red and brown.
  4. Layout.
    Diploma covers can either be panoramic, tent-like or book-like in layout. It depends on what the school is accustomed to. The panels inside a diploma cover can either be in white board or white moiré material. It’s all up to the school’s standard diploma regulations.
  5. Imprints and etchings.
    Diplomas are always customized because each one of them is intended to very different and unique people. Custom text imprints are important because it displays the name of the school, the graduate’s name, date of graduation and many other important details. Of course, the fonts, colors and placing of the text differ depending on the school’s standard. Custom diploma covers can also be decorated with a custom etching at the back panel. Etchings are usually drawings of school buildings or their logo.

Customized diploma covers cannot just be bought in usual bookstores or school supply stores; they are only usually manufactured by diploma cover wholesalers that also accept bulk custom orders. Customizing a diploma cover needs to be done by the experts so choose wisely!